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Four Rock City Band appearances in May

By Noah | May 3, 2011

I have gotten out of the habit of announcing all of our Rock City Band appearances here on the blog, in part because I’m now keeping a mailing list for those who are interested. May is a particularly busy month for us, with four appearances coming up, so I thought I’d make an exception and post again here. We’ll be appearing:

May 7 (this Sat): Princeton Station, in Chelmsford, MA (on Route 4, just east of Route 3)
May 13 & 14: The Haluwa Lounge, in Nashua, NH (in the Nashua Mall, exit 6 off Route 3)
May 28: Back at Princeton Station one more time

All shows start at 9 PM, and there’s no cover at either Princeton or the Haluwa. I expect to be playing bass all four nights.

If you’d like to be on the mailing list to get announcements of all our gigs, please e-mail me at “blogmaster AT arcanedomain DOT com”, making the obvious substitutions for AT and DOT.


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