About this blog

This is my personal blog.  Although I was until April, 2010 an employee of the IBM Corporation and I now have a courtesy affiliation there, and although much of the information discussed herein relates to areas in which IBM does business, the opinions expressed are my own unless I’ve indicated otherwise.  In addition to technical matters, this blog covers a broad range of my personal interests including photography, music, politics, current events, etc.  So, IBM bears no responsibility for the opinions expressed here.

For more information about copyrights that apply to the content of this blog, please see the copyright page. If you’re interested in learning more about me, there’s some more information on my Web site.  You can contact me by emailing “blogmaster at arcanedomain.com”, where “at” is replaced by the @ character.

Noah Mendelsohn
January, 2009
(updated April 8, 2010)