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Gig alert: 2010 World Bass Tour Starts tonight

By Noah | June 12, 2010

…and, for that matter, it ends tonight too.  In fact, I’ll just be sitting in on bass for just a few songs with my good friend John Landau, who is making one of his regular appearances at the Caffe Concerto restaurant in Shepherd’s Bush, in London.  If you’re one of the three people in London who won’t be home watching the World Cup, come on down and enjoy some good Italian food and a little music.  By the way, John has a terrific new CD out called Journey through the Dark (the band is John Landau and the Giants — you can buy or download it from Amazon, among other places).   John also runs the terrific Petworth Sounds recording studio in London.  If you’re in London and looking to do an album, a demo, or even just to find good rehearsal space, check it out.


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