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Three Gigs This Week

By Noah | March 30, 2010

This weekend, Friday and Saturday April 2nd and 3rd, I will be playing bass with Rock City Band at two clubs north of Boston.

Friday night we will be at one of our regular favorites: Princeton Station in Chelmsford MA. Princeton has restaurant style seating as well as a bar, and it’s just about 20 minutes north of Boston suburbs like Burlington, Bedford, and Lexington.  Saturday we will be returning to the Lasting Room in Haverhill Massachusetts.  The Lasting Room is a nice, traditional bar, with a small area off to to the side for the band and for dancing. For more information and directions, see this announcement of our previous gig there.  Both gigs start at 9PM, there’s no cover for either, and both clubs have food if you want it.  Rock City was formed by my good friends Darryl and Colleen.  They play really good (IMO) covers of recent hits, as well as a range of older rock and pop.  I’m the regular substitute bass player for Rock City, and it will be fun to be playing with them for two nights in a row.  There’s a song list up on the band Web Site.

Next Saturday, April 10th, will be a smaller, quieter gig with my good friend Robert Cedrone.  We’ll be playing for an hour or so in the early evening at the Starbucks on Bedford Street, on the north side of Lexington MA (map).  I will post more details here when I have the exact time (probably 7PM) and other information.

(And yes, if you were quick enough to catch the first version of this blog entry, I had the Princeton/Lasting Room dates backwards;  it’s really Princeton on Friday.)

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