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Vote for Bill Hurley and Jessie Steigerwald for Lexington School Committee

By Noah | February 23, 2015

If you are a registered voter in Lexington Massachusetts, I strongly urge you to vote for Bill Hurley and Jessie Steigerwald for School Committee in next week’s election. The election is on Monday (yes Monday!) March 2nd.  Both of these candidates have been endorsed by the Lexington Minuteman.

This is a particularly important election. If you are a parent or student, or if you follow developments relating to the school system, you know that we’ve had  some unfortunate problems and controversies relating to our outgoing Superintendent of Schools and to the effectiveness of the School Committee. We’ve lost several of our most beloved and respected teachers, due in part to the climate that’s been created by the senior administrators of our schools.

Bill and Jessie are both incumbents, and they have from the start been helping to solve these problems. Both have excellent administrative skills and deep experience, but as important, they understand the needs of our students and our teachers. They know what it takes to support the best teachers, and they will maintain the tradition of great education for which Lexington’s schools are famous. Both of them have been instrumental in helping the town to choose our new superintendent, who will begin work this summer. Indeed, Bill was asked to play a direct role in the negotiations that led to the hiring of the new superintendent.

Bill has many years of experience as a Superintendent of Schools (Sudbury, Marshfield, and interim in Lexington), and also as an educator. Jessie has been extraordinarily effective in her several years on the School Committee, doing a terrific job of ensuring that the perspectives of students, parents, and faculty are well represented. Her background as a lawyer is also very valuable. Both have experience managing budgets, handling changing space requirements, and with other important administrative issues.

The candidates have Web sites (linked below)  from which you can learn more about their qualifications and their positions on the issues.

This is a crucial election for the Lexington school system! Please vote on Monday March 2nd  for Bill Hurley and Jessie Steigerwald for the Lexington, Massachusetts School Committee. If you can’t make it to the polls, absentee ballots are now available at Lexington Town Hall.


Here are the links to the candidates’ Web sites:

Bill Hurley for School Committee Web Site

Jessie Steigerwald for School Committee Web Site

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One Response to “Vote for Bill Hurley and Jessie Steigerwald for Lexington School Committee”

  1. Noah Says:
    March 23rd, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    Congratulations to Bill and Jessie, both of whom won!

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