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Gig alert: Rock City Band — this Saturday in Haverhill

By Noah | February 18, 2010

This Saturday, Feb. 20th, I’ll be filling in on bass for my friends in Rock City Band.  We’ll be at The Lasting Room in Haverhill, MA from 9PM to 1AM.  The Lasting Room has a nice, traditional wooden bar, and an alcove around the side with a small dance floor.  Rock City plays really good covers of pop music ranging from the occasional 60’s oldie, right up to present day hits.  Typical sets might include Van Halen, John Mellencamp, James Brown, P!nk, The Pretenders, Melissa Ethridge, Michael Jackson, Sam & Dave or Carrie Underwood.  This weekend we’ll likely have everything from Joss Stone to Zeppelin.

Rock City hasn’t played the Lasting Room in quite awhile, and I haven’t played an RC gig in about a year.  So, we’re hoping to get a big crowd.  If you’re anywhere near Haverhill this weekend, stop in (no cover).

Directions:  the Lasting Room is at 122 Washington Street, in the center of downtown Haverhill (map).

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